Nertus pH-Corrector is a highly effective

pH optimizer for tank mixtures with antievaporating function.

Guaranteed analysis:
Anti-evaporating agent.........200-202
Density (g/l)......................1100-1200
Water solubility........................100%

The agrochemical agent Nertus pH-Corrector is intended for preparation of tank mixtures containing plant protection products, fertilizers and plant growth regulators, alone or in combination with each other, and may be applicable both for soil application and for foliar (non-root) treatments.

Nertus «pH-Corrector»

  • • Water pH reducing to an acceptable level

    • Water softening, elimination of negative effects of permanent and temporary hardness salts

    • Reduced surface tension

    • Preservation of high efficiency of used pesticides

    • Prevention of destruction (hydrolysis) of pesticides

    • Obtaining maximum efficiency of pesticides by reducing the wetting angle

    • Cost savings associated with overruns of expensive pesticides

    • 100% guarantee of pesticide efficiency against the background of such factors as high pH and water or tank mixture hardness

    • Increased effective contact time of pesticide and fertilizer solutions with the leaf surface by preventing rapid water evaporation

  • The agrochemical agent Nertus pH-Corrector is a highly effective pH-corrector used to prepare tank mixtures of all types of pesticides and water-soluble fertilizers. Due to the original composition, it has an acidifying (pH lowering) effect on the water and tank mixtures used, it has the ability to soften the water and reduce the surface tension. The acidifying effect is based on destruction of excess hydroxyl ions (OH-) and their transformation into water. The use of a pH conditioner for water helps to avoid destruction (hydrolysis) of pesticides,

    while maintaining their high efficiency and reliability regardless of the initial pH of the water or tank mixture. Specially added signal substance helps to determine the readiness for introduction into the pesticide tank visually, according to the solution colour, without use of additional tools and equipment.